Emilia Romagna

Basic Information

International Rail Travel to Emilia Romagna
  • From UK-Netherlands-Belgium. Seat 61 provides a number of options 
  • From France (Paris) Day time TGV to Turin Frecciarossa Turin-Bologna Total travel time 8 hrs
  • Basel/Zurich - Milan- Bologna Corridor Up to five connections daily 7hrs 40 mins from Basel and 5hrs 15mins/5 hours 50mins from Zurich (Change in Milan)
  • Munich Bologna Two direct connection daily and three with changes in Verona journey times between 6hrs 55mins and 7hrs 20 mins
  • Vienna - Bologna Night train/Sleeper service
Schedules can be verified and bookings made through Rail Europe
From Switzerland bookings can also be made through the Swiss Federal Railways

Main Towns and Cities - Emilia Romagna

Provincial Centres
Located on main line Milano -Bologna - Roma (not high speed- ave time 50 mins Milano - Piacenza; 90-100 mins Bologna - Piacenza)
Located on main line Milano -Bologna - Roma (not high speed- ave time 50 mins Milano - Parma Frecciabianca 1 hour 11 mins; Regional train ave. 1 hour 40 mins; 50-65 mins Bologna - Parma)
Reggio Emilia 
Located on main line Milano -Bologna - Roma (not high speed- ave time 50 mins Milano - Reggio Emilia  Frecciabianca 1 hour 25 mins; Regional train ave. 2 hour 20 mins; 35 mins Bologna - Reggio Emilia Frecciabianca Regional Train approx 40 mins )
Located on main line Milano -Bologna - Roma (not high speed- ave time 50 mins Milano - Modena  Frecciabianca 1 hour 40 mins; Regional train ave. 1 hour 50 mins; 22 mins Bologna - Modena Frecciabianca Regional/Intercity Train approx 20-30 mins )
Bologna is a major rail hub and is easily reached from Milan and Rome/Florence (High speed Frecciarossa), Venice, Verona and direct connections to Munich and Vienna
Located on main line Bologna-Venice. Frequent connections from Milan (via Bologna) times between 1hour 55 mins to 2 hours 22 mins. From Venice 1 hour 25 mins (one hour on the early morning Frecciabianca)
Located on secondary line average 1 hour 20 mins. travel time from Bologna
Located on the main line from Bologna to Bari/Lecce (East Coast mainline) Frequent connections to and from Bologna. Travel times vary between 35-55 mins depending on the type of train.
Located on the main line from Bologna to Bari/Lecce (East Coast mainline) Frequent connections to and from Bologna. Travel times vary between 50 mins to 1hour 15mins depending on the type of train.
Located on the main line from Bologna to Bari/Lecce (East Coast mainline) Frequent connections to and from Bologna. Travel times vary between 52 mins (on Frecciabianca and  1hour 20-50 mins depending on the type of train.

National rail travel bookings can be made on-line  Trenitalia
Tourist Information
Discover Italy website  Emilia Romagna Tourism Board website in English German and Italian is divided into four main sections  namely:
 The website is comprehensive and covers, amongst others, traditional recipes, a directory of "Museums of Taste". Ideas for visits/experiences
  • Motor Valley In the land of motors, provides an overview of the world famous manufacturers of cars and motorcycles that are located in Emilia Romagna
    • Motor Valley, the official site of everything connected with the industry, manufacturers, circuits, where to stay
    • Museums and Collections lists the many museums and private collections.
  • Sleeping in Castles, Eating in Castles lists the castles in the region that offer services for those who are passionate about  wine and food and staying in unusual places; and in some cases for those who wish to organize lunches and/or banquets map and directory
  • Villas, Historical Residences & Theaters,  Contains a directory of selected historical villas, residences and theaters to visit in the region
Emilia Romagna

The region is well served by the "traditional main lines", high-speed services and a network of secondary lines, some of which run heritage trains. Many of the locations outlined under tourist information can be reached by rail. 

From TrenItalia
Emilia Romagna : The regional network Information on individual lines

Principal secondary lines Timetables (orario treni) and Fares (Tariffe) can be down loaded here The travel planner in the right hand corner of the web page allows you to calculate the travel times between stations on the regional network.
  1. Bologna Portomaggiore This line was built in 1887, closed in 1964 and re-opened under the auspices of the regional transport authority and subsequently electrified. History (Wikipedia) Photo Gallery and Video of new trains,
  2. Ferrara Codigoro  This is another line that has been re-opened and up-graded by the regional transport authority History   Map of the line  History with photographs   Photo Gallery (Nostalgia)
  3. Reggio Emilia-Ciano d'Enza was the first railway in Italy to be constructed by a cooperative. It occasionally runs steam hauled trains.  Video Treno a vapore Reggio Emilia Ciano d'Enza
  4. Reggio Emilia-Guastalla this is a typical rural line (video)
  5. Reggio Emilia-Sassuolo
  6. Modena Sassuolo
  7. Bologna Vignola
  8. Parma Suzzara 
  9. Suzzara Ferrara
  10. Fidenza - Cremona 
Secondary/Heritage Railways
  • L’Associazione Treni Storici dell’Emilia-Romagna Emilia Romagna Heritage Railway Society “Adriavapore” The Society has some interesting videos on their Video Channel
  • Mantova - Ferrara The line from Ferrara to Suzzara  is part of the regional railways (Ferrara-Suzzara-Parma) and  from Suzzara on the RFI line Bologna - Mantova. These two lines a occasionally host to steam hauled trains, often to raise money for medical research.
Eco-Tourism using public transport (especially trains).
The Province of Bologna jointly with Club Alpino di Bologna has an initiative to encourage the use of trains for walking and biking destinations/excursions into the Apennines. In 2010 the Trekking Col Treno organised some fifty events (see map) that normally have 50 participants
Food & Gastronomy
About Emilia Romagna Food production and cuisine 

Small Producers of Quality Products in Emilia Romagna

These and also Slowfood Presidi (protection of traditional products) can be found at Piccoli produttori di qualità: il meglio della produzione alimentare in Emilia Romagna. By clicking on the location of interest, you will find the telephone numbers, directions of how to get there and in many cases a website address.

"Earth Markets" in Emilia Romagna

Bologna Via Azzo Gardino, 65 Every Saturday morning, 9am to 2pm.
Colorno Piazza Garibaldi  every third Sunday of each month, 9am - 2pm. (Located on the Parma- Brescia Railway Line - 14 mins from Parma - train times here)
The Tastes of Bologna Province
DegustiBo Is an initiative of the Province of Bologna. The main aim is to promote typical products of the province. The initiative is relatively new but includes a number of interesting links (in Italian).
Tastes of Emilia Romagna

The Mangio Tipico (Emilia Romagna) website provides a wealth of information regarding food, fairs (sagre) and recipes of the region (Italian only).

Restaurant Guide - detailed journeys to restaurants - culture are/will be incorporated into the blog posts.

Emilia Romgana - There is an abundance of places for wining and dining in Emilia Romagna. Some restaurants included in Osteria d'Italia 2012  (available for iPhone and at the following link for Slowfood Emilia Romagna ) some examples are as followsare as follows:

Antica Trattoria Giovanelli Agazzano, nearest rail station Piacenza. Agazzano is the area is part of Gourmet Food and Wine Trail of ‘Colli Piacentini’ Train times Milan - Piacenza and Bologna - Piacenza . Bus times Piacenza - Agazzano

Osteria di Piazza Nuova The town of Bagnacavallo is located in the province of Ravenna on the railway line between Bologna and Ravenna Travel time from Bologna just under one hour  and from Ravenna about twenty minutes. A number of suggestions for cycling itineraries around Bagnacavallo can be found here 

Al Gambero Rosso, San Piero in Bagno, Bagno di Romagna, a town where gnomes reputedly live  Bagno di Romagna is reached by train and bus from either Cesena or Arezzo
Train Bologna - Cesena approx one hour, Bus Cesena - Bagno di Romagna  Train Bologna - Arezzo (via Florence) Bus Arezzo - Bagno di Romagna. The particular local cuisine of Bagno di Romagna is said to be a blend of the Romagnolo and Tuscan.  The website of the municipality includes more information on the local cuisine, art and culture, the thermal baths and journeys that can be made if one decides to be based in the town. 

Ca' Poggioli  is situated in Baiso (Lugo) south of Reggio Emilia, nearest railway station Scandiano on the Reggio-Emilia - Sassuolo line  (timetable) Bus Times Reggio Emilia/Scandiano to Baiso 
Traditional Cuisine Recipes - Cookery Books