Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Travelling to Liguria Basel/Zurich - Ventimiglia

Travelling to Liguria Basel/Zurich - Ventimiglia Book with SBB or Rail Europe
Options are using TGV services via France or Swiss/Italian services via Milan/Genoa
  • Option 1 Via France from Basel SBB (platform 30-35) depart 06.51 arrive Mulhouse Ville 07.14 (regional service) TGV Depart Mulhouse Ville 07.42 arrive Dijon 08.58 (change train) TGV Depart Dijon Ville 09.20 arrive Nice Ville 15.36 (Change train) TER depart Nice Ville 15.55 arrive Ventimiglia 16.43. 
  • Option 2 Via Milan (and more scenic) The best daily connections are Depart Basel SBB 10.07 Arrive Zurich HB 11.00 (Change Train) Depart Zurich HB 11.09 arrive Milan Centrale 14.50 (Change) Depart Milan Centrale 15.05 Arrive Ventimiglia 19.07 
  • Option 3 Depart Basel SBB 16.07 Arrive Zurich HB 17.00 Change Train Depart Zurich HB 17.09 arrive Milan Centrale 20.50 (Change train) Depart Milan Centrale 21.10  Arrive Ventimiglia 01.05 
(Restaurant cars on Swiss trains to Milan - mini bar (trolley) service on Intercity service Milan-Ventimiglia.

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