Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Travel to Liguria - Cinque Terre via Genoa (Connections from Milan)

Travel to Liguria - Cinque Terre via Genoa
Some Intercity trains from Milan stop at Levanto and Monterosso. The journey time between Milan and Monterosso (the last of the stations) is approx. 3 hours. The departure from Milan Centrale for these direct trains are: 

  • Depart Milan Centrale 06.10 arrive Monterosso 09.02  
  • Depart Milan Centrale 08.10 arrive Monterosso 11.16, 
  • Depart Milan Centrale12.10 arrive Monterosso 15.02
  • Depart Milan Centrale14.05 arrive Monterosso 17.02
  • Depart Milan Centrale16.05 arrive Monterosso 19.02
  • Depart Milan Centrale18.05 arrive Monterosso 21.02
  • Depart Milan Centrale 20.10 arrive Monterosso 23.07 
Journey times to Levanto will be 5 mins less. There are frequent regional services from Genoa Piazza Principe and Genoa Brignole 
To check times, on-line bookings and reservations (REQUIRED ON THESE SERVICES) go to Trenitalia

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