Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Travel to Liguria - Cinque Terre via La Spezia from Emilia Romagna

Connections from Emilia Romagna. The journey from Parma to La Spezia takes you through the Apennine mountains where peaks reach above 1,600m. There are a direct connections from Parma: 

  • Depart 07.48 arrive La Spezia Centrale 09.53
  • Depart 13.33 arrive La Spezia Centrale 15.46 
  • Depart 15.44 arrive La Spezia Centrale17.46
  • Depart 17.44 arrive La Spezia Centrale19.46 
  • Depart 19.44 arrive La Spezia Centrale 21.46 
  • Depart 20.44 arrive La Spezia Centrale22.54 
There are other services that depart from Parma but involve changes and the journey time will be approximately three hours. 
NB. If you are intending to travel from Bologna to La Spezia, there are connections via Parma but in most cases will involve around 45 mins wait for a connection. Trenitalia will propose the route via Florence and/or Pisa. The journey time might be slightly quicker but will cost between 36€ -46€ as opposed to 16€ travelling via Parma. If you use the Trenitalia website, first check Bologna-Parma and then Parma-La Spezia.

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