Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rail Travel Paris - Genoa

Travelling to Liguria - Genoa from Paris (daytime)
Rail Europe and SNCF Internet bookings will suggest TGV to Milan and then onwards to Genoa (Change of station in Milan) Fastest journey time using this route:
  • Depart Paris Gare Lyon 07.49 Arrive Milan Porta Garibaldi 14.45 Depart Milan Centrale 16.05 arrive Genoa 17.42. (Journey time 9 hours 53 mins) 
  • Taking the same early morning TGV you will arrive at Turin Porta Susa at 13.25, take the 13.54 train to Turin Lingotto (arrive 14.08) and connect with the 14.14 Intercity and arrive in Genoa at 15.53. (Journey time 8 Hours 4 mins). Swiss Federal Railways SBB will provide this option
Travelling to Liguria - Genoa from Paris (Overnight) Book with Rail Europe
  • Lunea overnight service to Nice Ville (arrive 08.43) TER 09.25 to Ventimiglia (arrive 10.13). Depart Ventimiglia 10.58 Arrive Genoa and 13.06 (Journey time 15 hours 43 mins
  • Alternatively  Thello Service Depart Gare Lyon 19.45 Arrive Milan Centrale 05.38 Depart Milan Centrale 06.10 arrive Genoa 07.44 (Journey time 11 hours 59 mins) 

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