Wednesday, 16 May 2012

La Taverna Dei Tre Gufi

I have not as yet published the Piemonte page. However, I feel that I need to mention this delightful restaurant. My wife and I took a last minute decision to eat out last night and stumbled upon La Taverna Dei Tre Gufi as we drove back to Torino.

This is  probably one of the best eating experiences I have had in a long time. Traditional "Piemontese", everything was absolutely exquisite: the food, fresh ingredients and freshly cooked; excellent service without being intrusive and energetic and enthusiastic young staff who really seem to enjoy their vocation. Absolutely excellent! The experience epitomises the reason why I have created this blog/website.

Taverna website: Address: Via Devietti Goggia 71, 10077 Malanghero (To) Tel 011 924 70 47

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