Sunday, 4 March 2012

SAGRA - Festivals and Fairs

A sagra means a festival or fair. These occur throughout the year, often to celebrate the arrival of a particular local product from the land; some of the most famous are those celebrating the arrival of the white truffle in Alba; porcini mushrooms; wine; chestnuts etc. The fairs or festivals also celebrate particular seasonal recipes of a particular region, province or even town/village. Particularly during the period from May to October, the signs for a “Sagra” are prevalent throughout rural Italy. Some of these may be officially sponsored by the region or province; others to raise money for a particular cause; and others, it would appear, an excuse for communal eating, music and dancing!

Some recent examples can be found here:
Truffle special Piemonte:  Turin - Montechiaro Since the realignment of the tracks for the high speed trains (now in tunnels) restrictions have been introduced regarding the use of steam locomotives. It is hoped a solution will be found to this problem. In the meantime diesel hauled stock has been used. 
Wine and traditional food special in Tuscany: Treno a vapore della Vendemmia e della Sporcellata
One of many that celebrate the arrival of chestnuts (and the different varieties) Il Treno delle Castagne
And there are many more! 

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